Will You Make A Behind The Scenes ‘Connection’ With Raheem DeVaughn?

Raheem DeVaughn has just released the behind the scenes video for the music video of his latest single “Love Connection,” and after watching the BTS I have one question to ask: What in the hell happened to music videos that told a story? Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name” or Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” come to mind for me. These were music videos that enhanced the music and provided visually enticing escapism from your daily grind. Maybe I’m late, but when did it all become about video vixens in minimal clothing and unnecessary bling that has zero to do with the song at hand? “Love Connection” is a beautiful R&B track thats message is all about providing a deeper connection and love; the act of expressing it and the meaning behind it, not simply lust. This theme was alluded to in the recently released “Love Connection” lyric video. However, judging from this BTS video the finished product looks set to be yet another music video that has no connection to the track it’s depicting. I’m going to reserve the rest of my judgement for the actual video, and hope that I’m proved wrong as I absolutely adore this R&B number and am a sucker for DeVaughn’s mission to spread love. Check out the BTS video below and keep an ear out for DeVaughn’s soon to be released album, A Place Called Love Land.

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