Ty Tells It 'Like You Never' Heard It Before

Out of the staff here at SoulBounce, I think it's safe to say that I have the least affinity for hip hop. Besides a hand full of acts -- Phonte, The Roots, a bit of Common -- I tend to be drawn to singers rather than rappers, for no reason other than, well that's what I like. However, British hip-hop artist Ty has repeatedly caught my ear with his creative rhymes, soulful style and knack for telling it like it is. It's been a while since we heard any new material from him, though. His last album, Special Kind Of Fool, was released back in 2010, and the first single from that album, "Emotions," definitely caught our attention. It seems that the same is true with the release of "Like You Never," the first single from Ty's upcoming A Kick Snare & An Idea EP, which will be released on his new label home, Tru Thoughts. The track deals with the ailing music industry, particularly hip hop, as Ty recalls the pre-Pro Tools golden-era, where sampling was an art form and real artistry was key. Sure, Ty isn't the first to have these gripes, and won't be the last, but when the story is told this well, it's hard not to sit up and listen.

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