Hear How Raekwon 'Came Up'

Raekwon has been making quite the splash in hip hop with both old and new listeners during the second half of his career. Where other aging legends may opt to jump onto any remix they can get their hands on or run to the hot-for-the-moment hit-maker to score some youth appeal, the Wu-Tang representative has released solid projects grounded in the group's trademark sound and fierce lyricism and it's actually paid off. After releasing his new EP, Lost Jewelry, earlier this week, Rae offers us an accompanying visual for "Came Up." Gangster themes are common cliche in rap videos, but I guess you could say that the Boardwalk Empire, tommy gun era of G shown in this short has been underrepresented over the years. Raekwon comes correct over some gritty Scram Jones production as we catch a glimpse of gangsters doing what gangsters do (playing Go Fish), only this time it's in the 1920s. Check out the video, and look out for The Chef's new project, F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art), slated for a 2013 release.

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