Wake Up To Common & Nas' 'Ghetto Dreams'

Like a golden brown pancake fresh off the griddle, hip-hop legends Common and Nas offer up the video
for their single "Ghetto Dreams," from Com's upcoming The Dreamer, The Believer, extolling the virtues of a down-ass chick. We find our main characters,
in color, dozing off to the sound of Boyz 'N the Hood on television, and in their collective reverie envision the perfect
woman: stacked, well-kept, cooking, beautiful, loyal. In essence, real. The video is shot in black and
white featuring a shapely brown-skinned leading lady in varying degrees of undress, but in the end she
is clad in a conservative business suit, possibly off to her corporate nine-to-five. And clearly Nas and Common
are drinking from the same fountain of youth as Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Ali Shaheed Muhammad because they look foine. Even
though Common took some heat for his, shall we say, colorful lyrics in this song, it is apparent from the
video that both he and Nas are hailing to the V.

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