Austin Brown Gives His 'All' On 'Lopez Tonight'

If there's one person that has a lot riding on his shoulders, it's Austin Brown. Don't let the common last name fool you, Austin is a descendant of musical royalty. The latest heir to the Jackson family throne, his mother is Rebbie Jackson of "Centipede" fame, Austin not only has the expectation to follow in Uncle Micheal and Aunt Janet's footsteps, but he also has to make a name for himself in his own right. "All I Need," his lead single from his upcoming debut 85, is a decent attempt at doing just that. With elements reminiscent of Michael, but with a sound that fits current radio, the song bounces along with enough verve to take notice. His recent performance on Lopez Tonight also cribs a few notes from his uncle, right down to the signature high water pants that Mike wore when he performed (though he's missing the white socks that go with them, but then again he's wearing much more than enough white here anyway). It's not without its glitches, but it is a performance that makes you take notice. Will the rest of his material and performances stand up to the Jackson™ name, though? That remains to be seen.

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