Anais Aida Heats It Up With 'Love Can Burn'

Over the past few months, Anais Aida has made quite a name for herself by singing other artist's songs. And not just any old artists, but Janelle Monáe, Anthony David, and Rihanna, to name a few. But a singer cannot live by covers alone, and this week Anais released her first single to show us that she's the real deal in case we had any reservations. In "Love Can Burn," she picks up the pieces of her broken heart as she comes to the realization that the man who broke it isn't worth her time. After getting past an odd-sounding intro (the rock guitar was bearable but the ad-libs sound out of place), the song picks up once Anais starts singing with her signature sultry vocals. The Alejandro "Arca" Ghersi and Rioux production smolders under her command. If you love this Anais Aida original, then download the freelease while you can, and get ready to see more of her in action when the "Love Can Burn" video premieres on August 9th.

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