Diddy Makes It Easy To 'Love' Dirty Money's New Video

I did not purchase Diddy-Dirty Money's Last Train To Paris also affectionately known in my mind as Last Train To Harlem, Last Train To New Lots Avenue, or Last Stop In Brooklyn, but I do without any hesitation love "I Hate That You Love Me" from said album. The beat is just hot in the way that I used to almost immediately jump on any Bad Boy beat back in the '90s with just enough of Diddy's cloying-for-attention rhymes that my hate got quickly diffused once someone with talent began singing. The formula here is no different. The video is a bit unimaginative, but I don't see any reason to put more money into a track that's hot on its own and whose video's sole purpose is to be excerpted so kids can vote on it on 106th & Park, a show I can't believe is still on the air. Like I said, the song is banging, and it usually find its way into my speaker system daily. Imagine yourself in your own private bottle service VIP zone devoid of douchebaggery after you press play. 

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