National TV France Documents The Greatness of Stones Throw

I have been a fan of Stones Throw Records for quite some time now, back when Napster was the main hub for music file sharing and back when I actually still used the tapedeck that was in my car. Very few labels can boast the type of longevity that Stone’s Throw has maintained since its inception some 15 years ago while also remaining ahead of such a fickle and bratty music industry. National TV France–I swear our foreign cousins always seem to take pride and document such treasures way before we do stateside–has filmed a documentary on the label whose teaser video is below. Expect appearances from artists such as DâM-FunK, Om’Mas Keith from SA-RA Creative Partners, and Mayer Hawthorne, and label head Peanut Butter Wolf as well as commentary from those who truly love music and will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure it’s properly respected. Here’s to hoping that my musical crush Madlib will surely make an appearance. From what I’ve seen, it’s beautifully shot and certainly piques my interest to view the entire project. Check out a taste of what’s to come below.

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