We've 'Fallen' For Saunders Sermons All Over Again

Saunders Sermons is really trying to stay in heavy rotation in my music collection. Not that he has to try very hard because his music is phenomenal. After last year's Classic Delight became an instant favorite, he is back with more music to get me--and all of y'all--open. Hitting us with the one-two punch, a few weeks ago he dropped an instrumental version of SWV's "Rain" from his upcoming album, A Ladies Handbook, and now he blesses us with "Fallen," the first single from his other upcoming album, Just What She Needs. Written and produced by Jae London and featuring Tyneshia Hill on background vocals, "Fallen" is a mid-tempo groove that finds the accomplished trombonist singing to a new lady that he is falling for her hard. I just love the tone of his voice. Saunders is giving me just what I need, indeed. [Photo: Diamond Digital Portraits]

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