The Director's Chair: The Rawness, Realness Of Wale's 'Family Affair'

Cherry back on the scene this Monday with a new write up coming to you from The Director's Chair. Today I want to talk about Wale's new
music video for "Family Affair." As everyone knows Wale is one of the
new rising young stars in the rap game. This video finds him playing
narrator as he breaks down the story of three individuals who all are
connected through a tragic situation. Here we examine the life of a
pimp, prostitute and a young child through the lens of director Rik
. This music video takes me back to the days when Hip-Hop
videos were raw and not glamorous. Rappers would tell a realistic
story that everyone could relate to and it reflected so in the visual.
This video is successful in painting that picture and is greatly aided
with a great cast which includes Anwan Glover (aka Slim Charles from
The Wire), Dominique Andriese who plays the prostitute and EJ Stanley as the young boy. The visual for this raw and gritty track fits the
video well and leaves you wondering what the final outcome is going to
be with this broken family. 

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