Hot Like Ayah: On Artists & The Music Industry


It seems as though the more I think about it and the more people I
speak to about this, the more I realize the downfall of the music
It's like this crazy never-ending cycle of dreams dreamt, then dreams met, then dreams turned into a nightmares in a lot of cases.

As an emerging artist I feel as though I'm in a mode somewhere
between dreams dreamt and dreams met. Yes, I just released an album. Keyword: I. I found my producers. I wrote my songs. I recorded and mixed some. I set up my photo shoot, did my styling, found my outlets, hired my publicist and performed a ton of other tasks. But I am not complaining. I love the work, the experiences, and the knowledge of it all. 
I love what I'm doing, but then I think when I reach my next
goal will I face what many artists face--more
disappointment? Mind you, I know that feeling well because with every accomplishment
comes disappointment, but I've stuck with it and moved on to better
feelings. And so the cycle goes.
Bringing me back to the topic at hand, where are Lauryn, Amy, Whitney, SadeD'Angelo, Glenn Lewis, etc.? The list is long and
will only get longer I assume. Was it the fault of the labels, the lawyers, the managers, the media? Or was it their own weakness and not being ale to handle fame? Or any combination platter of the above?
Either way, to those artists I named and many others who fallen by the wayside, please come back because I need to hear good music other
than that of the artists I love who I can basically count on my one
Who's on your list of "Please come back" artists?
Let me know! Let them know!
Stay hot!

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Ayah 🙂

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