Hil St. Soul Reminisces About ‘Back In Tha Day’

Photo Credit: Myrix Media Group

It’s been two years since Hil St. Soul staged her big comeback with her stellar album Back In Love. Fans celebrated Hilary Mwela’s return after a 14-year break between album releases. The talented artist is continuing to reward our patience with more new music in the form of her latest single “Back In Tha Day.”

Hil links up with producer Regi Myrix, who worked extensively on Back In Love, on “Back In Tha Day.” Together they craft a feel-good R&B number that incorporates a lot of soul and a touch of jazz. Over a sound bed showcasing bass, organ and percussion, the songstress reminisces about the good old days and waxes nostalgic throughout the two-step-worthy groove.

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St. Soul kicks the song off catching up with a friend and taking her on a stroll down memory lane. “Hey girl, do you remember / Remember how we used to slay? / Whether it was in June or December / We had cause to celebrate / Used to catch a vibe anywhere we go / Getting high on life is just how we’d roll / Sweet memories decorate the walls of my mind,” Hilary sings on the first verse as she goes back in time.

Later in the song, she recalls how they used to run the streets and live their best lives in their younger days. Hil hopes to never lose those misty, water-colored memories of the way they were, singing on the chorus, “I pray those good old days never go away / Forever etched in my mind.”

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Let Hil St. Soul jog your memory and help you to remember your own good times when you listen to “Back In Tha Day” right here. We don’t know if this new single signals that she’s working on a new album, but we certainly have our fingers crossed.

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