Notable Quotables From PackFM's HipHopDX Interview

packfm.jpgIt's easy to dismiss someone that openly rails against the status quo as a hater, but this seems to be the last thing PackFM is worried about. He recently did an interview with the folks over at HipHopDX, in anticipation of his new album I F*cking Hate Rappers (best title ever), and here are some highlights:

  • "When you have rappers who really can't sing, and they say, 'I'm more than a rapper.' No, you're not. So you get these guys who are viewed by the public as the new wave of Hip Hop and they decide to take that opportunity to appeal to alternative rock fans...badly. [It's] like Hip Hop isn't good enough anymore..."
  • "...when Kanye [West] said he's abandoning Hip Hop...he started to lead all the sheep away. Good riddance, because a lot of them have no business rapping anyway."
  • "I hate rappers because everybody raps. I don't even tell people I rap anymore. If someone asks me what I do, I say I'm an ant-catcher or I manufacture remote controls. I invented the Wii controller."
  • "...the underground indie scene is no different. Same shit, just a different end of the spectrum. The underground cats think they're keeping it real by making music that nobody wants to hear, on purpose. I hate all rappers."
Why yes, Mr. FM! I, too, hate rappers! One of the things I miss most in Hip Hop are cats that talked more shit, but could back it up with skills instead of the tightest pants or the whiniest YouTube interview or the auto-tuniest Billboard hit or whatever. I'm not completely sold on PackFM just yet, but he's potentially performing the Lord's work with this new album. Press play to check out the video for his lead single "Absolutely Positive."

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PackFM: The Hate That Rap Made [HHDX]

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