Keylolo's VIBE Cover is Icy-Hot!

keyshiacolecover1.jpgIt is only right that the "new" era of Keyshia Cole would inspire, on some level, a VIBE cover to ether all recent VIBE covers. It has always been our silent campaign for more Black music and entertainment mags to experiment with design, color and typography, just to give their print product that extra POP! Granted, the cover may not be all that for some of us cynics, but it stands heads and shoulders above simply tacking some bold letters and coverlines over a basic photograph that is simply re-touched and otherwise left alone. In an age where many have prematurely written print media's obituary, it behooves any magazine to take advantage of the medium. The days of breaking news and gossip in monthlies are over. Using the traditional, tangible paper product to do something artistic might be the last effort to preserve these brands and keep their audience on deck. The reason for this breakthrough, sadly, has more to do with this being VIBE's "style issue," which heralds a return to the norm come April. It's bittersweet, but kudos nonetheless. [VIBE]


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