New Videos From Everybody And Their Grandma, Part Deux

We take a short summer break and everybody and their grandma decides to drop a video during our absence. Figures. Well, let’s see who came with it and who didn’t while we were out, shall we?

Up first is Jazmine Sullivan with a video for her first single that makes me want to go raid my mother’s classic reggae 45 collection next time I visit. Jazzy looks as good as she sounds in this one. Big up! And speaking of looking good, there’s LL Cool J with his latest video, which looks like about every other “in the club” video that’s hit BET in recent years, complete with pre-pubescent girls popping what little they have to pop. There’s really nothing to see here folks, and feel free to ignore The Dream in this video, too. I sure did. But for a trio of videos where there’s a lot to see, we have the homie Nas to thank. Although he only appears in two out of the three clips, these are all good looks from him. Another good look comes from N*E*R*D, Santogold and Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. We didn’t think much of the song when we first heard it, but these visuals are hella tight. Some more exciting visuals are on tap from Little Jackie with Imani Coppola‘s wild afro taking center stage in this fun video. And while we were hoping, wishing and praying for the “A Millie” craze to die down, Ne-Yo went and filmed a video for his version with the creator of the beat, producer Bangladesh, thereby signaling the end of the craze. Rounding out the cavalcade of clips is Amanda Diva with a video for a track off of her new mixtape that has a pointed message for Senator Barack Obama. Take heed, my brother!

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Jazmine Sullivan feat. Missy Elliott: “Need U Bad”

LL Cool J feat. The Dream: “Baby”

Nas feat. Keri Hilson: “Hero”

Nas feat. Dante Hawkins: “Be A Nigger Too” Remix

Nas: “Sly Fox”

N*E*R*D feat. Santogold & Julian Casablancas of The Strokes: “My Drive Thru”

Little Jackie: “The World Should Revolve Around Me”

Bangladesh feat. Ne-Yo: “A Millie”

Amanda Diva: “Watch Ya Back Barack”

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