Nas Explains Himself


Who do you call when you need to clear things up? You call Jamie Foxx, that's who. Nas, Hip-Hop's Truth Teller, called in to Foxxhole Radio to discuss what happened on Grammy's red carpet and offer some insight into his new album past the title. Too bad Jamie wasn't there, but the show was still pretty ignorant and
filled with enough expletives to make Millie Jackson blush. Nas seeks to offend us to the point where it sparks discussion. That may or may not be working, because I still don't know what the hell he's talking about. But he does offer a definitive answer on something everyone's been wondering:

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No, white boys aren't allowed to ask for or refer to the album by name. They have to say "N-Word."

According to Nas, Nigger drops April 22nd. L.A. Reid says "We'll see."

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Nas on Foxxhole [zShare]

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