Teyana Taylor Puts Two Ladies Through 'Fade Boot Camp' For 'Allure'


We've always known that Teyana Taylor was special, but it took a little video called "Fade" to make the rest of the world sit up and take notice. Since its release, Teyana has rightfully been taking advantage of all the attention lavished her way. She's appeared on morning talk shows, radio and even released a risqué video for her "Champions" freestyle featuring her wearing only gold leaf in the month since the "Fade" made a media splash. Her latest appearance was for the good folks at Allure magazine in which she took two ladies through the choreography from the Kanye West clip.

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Rocking an auburn, back-length weave, red Supreme pants and crop top with dramatically fringed arms, she takes the ladies through the motions...literally. The dance novices are given no mercy from instructor TT, who makes sure that each lady gets even the most minute movements down to a, well, T. On top of showing off her killer moves (not to mention her enviable abs), she also gets to show off her killer personality and sense of humor as she elicits laughs from the ladies and surely anyone who watches.

Here's hoping that this newfound notoriety means that folks will finally stop sleeping on the talented Miss Taylor and maybe that we'll be getting a new album from the burgeoning star sometime soon. For now, learn some moves and catch some laughs as Teyana takes us through Fade Boot Camp in the video below.

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