'Wake Up' To An Arresting Visual From DAWN


D∆WN continues to push the envelope further. After giving us YouTube's first Live 360 performance and innovative sounds in preparation for her upcoming album RED*emp*tion, the singer/songwriter has delivered what she's calling a "fashion film" for her latest single "Wake Up." The song, an off-kilter dance floor filler, was already a banger with its booming bass and D∆WN's stellar vocals sending everything into the stratosphere, but this visual takes that to the next level.

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There is no narrative arc to the clip, not that it needs one. Instead, D∆WN gives us as many different kinds of fierce as she can fit into the clips near-four-minute runtime. She struts through the video while donning a glittery gold feathered frock, swimsuits, cutout khaki desert warrior wear, headwear made from hairpieces, golden ram's horns and whatever else her little fashionable heart desires. Throughout all the weird, risqué and couture moments, D∆WN still manages to keep the focus on the song and the music, with she and her dancers moving, popping and locking to the skittery tune of the song.

"Wake Up" is available now on iTunes and we're expecting her to set a release date for RED*emp*tion any day now. While we wait, check out her fashion film below, and be sure to pick up her Adult Swim single "Serpentine Fire" as well.

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