Anthony David Flies High In ‘Can’t Look Down’

I’m having one of those drown my sorrows in wine at for every meal and listen to every depressing Sade song on repeat kinda Mondays, but leave it to my main man Anthony David to warm the icebox where my heart used to be. He broke the chill with his bright and sunny new video for the track “Can’t Look Down,” my favorite song from his recently released album, Love Out Loud. Anthony is joined by singer Sepsenahki who plays his lovely love interest and together they take a romantic balloon ride for two over the countryside. They embrace like lovers do while he sings about his fear of falling too deep in love — although from the looks of it and their chemistry, it’s a little too late. This is a thoroughly enjoyable video to match an equally awesome song. I think I’ll keep this on repeat to chase away my blues instead.

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