'Latch' Onto T. Williams' Disclosure Remix

It's quite the murky and rainy day at my homestead, so listening to slower, calmer music proves to be the operative choice. Yet, here I am finding myself completely involved in some heavy-duty up-tempos, that are challenging the thunder as it rolls. Bouncing off the walls at current is T. Williams' remix of Disclosure's big tune, "Latch." The track from the UK producing duo is one of my favorites from this year, so I was a tough customer to sell by hearing it at a different pace. Williams' love of house music just runneth over on here as he takes this song to the clubs, swathing it in UK garage elements. Even though I'm one of those weird ones who takes remixes in small doses, preferring to not have original perfection tampered, Williams does a solid job of not letting Sam Smith's peerless vocals get bogged down by the electric groove, making it the perfect listen to close out the week with, whether rain or shine.


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