Tawiah Can 'Break Away' From The Pack With This Performance

It seems like an eternity and then some since we had any new material from Bounce-Worthy UK songstress Tawiah. Yes there have been guest spots and remixes, but what we are really eager to hear is some new material from her upcoming Warner Bros. debut. Well it seems that my/our prayers have been answered in the shape of this live performance of a track called "Break Away." I'm not 100% certain this is from the album, however the video was posted on Tawiah's new website so my fingers are crossed. In addition to the new website, it looks like her whole online presence has undergone a revamp, so hopefully that's a sign that we'll see the album, or at least a single, soon. On "Break Away" Tawiah takes it to church -- quite literally -- and sounds utterly stunning. It's also great to see that the music she is making today is in a similar vein to her earlier material. This will be on repeat!

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