Jill Scott Drops Hints About New Album

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It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost a decade since Jill Scott released her 2015 album Woman. Fans have been patiently awaiting another project from the songstress, but quite possibly no one is more excited about the prospect of a new Jill Scott album than Jill Scott herself. She couldn’t contain her excitement when she hopped onto social media last night to share a few thoughts about what she’s been working on since last year’s sold-out Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds Vol. 1 23rd Anniversary Tour.

Scott took to X/Twitter to post her first tweet of 2024, and her words radiated with enthusiasm and leaped off the screen. After greeting her adoring fanbase and posting a smiley face emoji, she wrote, “I’m over here blushing and smiling hard. I like it.” The “it” in question is her new collection of music, and if she likes it, then we’re pretty sure we’re gonna love it.

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She continued, “What I’ve cooked for you has so much love, truth, vibrant ENERGY.” Coming from the woman who’s fed us a steady diet of soul food on “The Way,” “He Love Me (Lyzel In E Flat),” “Golden,” “Crown Royal” and so many more classics over the past 24 years, she is speaking our love language. If anyone knows how to synthesize love, truth and vibrant energy into R&B and soul music, it’s Jill Scott.

Jill kept it brief, ending her message with, “I’m looking soooooooooooooo forward to this body of work.” That’s literally all that she wrote, but that’s all the confirmation that we need. A new Jill Scott project is finally on the way. It sounds as if the collection may be near completion, and she’s satisfied with the results. We don’t know any additional details about this forthcoming body of work, but our bodies are ready for it.

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Be sure to follow Jill Scott on X/Twitter in case she decides to pop up there to share more new album news in the coming days, weeks and months. Read her complete tweet below.

Photo Credit: Jill Scott/Twitter

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