SiR Strips Down To Pay Homage To D’Angelo & Show Us ‘No Evil’

Photo Credit: SiR/YouTube

We might’ve seen a lot of SiR as of late thanks to his many collaborations last year — including his GRAMMY-nominated feature alongside Alex Isley on Robert Glasper’s “Back To Love.” While that’s all fine and good, we haven’t forgotten that he teased his fourth full-length EP Heavy by dropping three singles back in 2022. It seems that he’s finally picking up that thread once again as he’s dropped his latest single “No Evil” and is channeling his outer D’Angelo in the song’s video.

“No Evil” gives us a side of SiR that we’ve never heard before. The Taylor Hill-produced song has a dark tone to it thanks to minor key guitar strums juxtaposed with gritty, hard-hitting drums. The crooner matches that energy with an almost guttural wail throughout the song as he questions if a lover means him well or wishes to do him harm.

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“What’s your superpower? / Show me what you’re made of / I been lonely for days and days / But we’re one and the same,” he sings on the opening verse. “Pardon my superstition / But with my supervision / I see so much of myself / My past, my pain, my pride and my ego.” However, by the time the chorus kicks in, he’s decided to open himself up anyway, remarking, “I see no evil / I see another reason for me to believe in the hero.”

For the song’s visual, SiR strips down and oils up while referencing D’Angelo’s infamous “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” video. For his effort, however, he adds in a few extra elements. These include two dancers clad in all white and another dancer painted all black with golden arrows coming out of her back. The dancers speak to the push and pull of the song. SiR, meanwhile, doesn’t necessarily attempt to seduce as much as he broods with a raw emotion that can be felt through the screen.

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We’re not sure if “No Evil” means that Heavy is any closer to getting a release date. We do know, however, that it is a worthy successor to previous singles “Satisfaction,” “Nothing Even Matters” and “Life Is Good.” Listen to the stream of “No Evil” and get into the song’s moody visual when you head below.

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