Debbie Won’t Let A Bit Of ‘Rain’ Stop Her Shine

Photo Credit: Debbie/Instagram

British singer Debbie came on the scene in the past two years with songs like “All Night Long” and “Cousin’s Car” to pique our interest in her budding talent. She kept that momentum going in 2023 while also adding two high-profile collaborations with UK superstar Stormzy and adding a MOBO nomination for Best Newcomer to her list of accolades. Now the singer is kicking off her 2024 with her first new single of the year, “Rain.”

For Debbie, “Rain” represents the singer shedding the things that weigh her down as she prepares to travel light. “I needed a song that made me feel light,” she told Complex UK. “Everything around me has been heavy recently; the music is a reminder that — just like rain — it will all pass.”

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“Rain” reflects these sentiments, with her singing of wanting to let things go despite the rain threatening to deter her from living. With a pulsing, piano-and-drum-driven backdrop setting the pace, she encourages us to embrace it all and keep pushing forward.

“Who cares / What the people say? Ah / Tell me who dares, uh / To be in your way? No,” she sings with fiery gusto at one point. “Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll down / Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll down your face.”

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This might be the first offering from Debbie this year, but we certainly hope that this isn’t the last that we’ll hear from the rising star as 2024 carries on. Prepare to dance in her “Rain” when you press play.

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