Hiatus Kaiyote Returns With The Musical Affirmation ‘Everything’s Beautiful’

Photo Credit: Rocket K Weijers

Life is all about perspective. With the myriad of things constantly competing for our attention, one must be deliberate in the protection of their peace and positivity. Australian jazz/funk band Hiatus Kaiyote sends their global fanbase a rousing reminder of this sentiment with their brand-new single “Everything’s Beautiful.”

Over a rhythmic sea of groovy guitar riffs and a driving bass line, vocalist Nai Palm asks, “Didn’t you notice? / Don’t you know love? / Don’t you know everything’s beautiful?” Nai notes the importance of finding joy in the simple things. She conveys feelings of finding her happy place by merely walking around in the sunshine and exploring the world while wearing her headphones.

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This latest offering from the Aussie sensations is described as “hopeful” and serves as a much-needed “musical affirmation in celebration of life’s infinite possibilities.” Though the reality of life is a constant, the focus here is intention. Nai explains in a statement shared on Bandcamp, “It’s not the delusion that we live in a utopia out here on this planet, but rather about actively looking ‎for the beauty, grace and joy in life.”‎ 

After almost two years since the release of their Mood Variant (The Remixes) collection, “Everything’s Beautiful” is a welcomed refresher to the band’s signature ‎sound and serves as a glorious glimpse of what we can expect from their forthcoming project. ‎

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Let Hiatus Kaiyote change your disposition for the better when you listen to “Everything’s Beautiful” below and take a peek at its visualizer. Add the track to your peace and positivity playlists from your preferred streaming platform, and be sure to support the group directly with your dollars via Bandcamp. For even more Hiatus Kaiyote, tune into a livestream of the band in concert live from Melbourne on Wednesday, January 24th at 10 a.m. GMT.

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