Jesse Boykins III To Share His ‘New Growth’ On New Album

Photo Credit: Jesse Boykins III/Twitter

Jesse Boykins III may have taken some time away from the spotlight in recent years to focus on behind-the-scenes endeavors and work with Steve Lacy and Masego on their respective projects, but he’s back with a vengeance. The artist who we declared Bounce-Worthy way back in 2008 has kept us entertained with a steady flow of new music over the past few months in preparation for the release of his comeback album New Growth on Friday, October 20th.

The “Amorous” singer spoke with Mundane Magazine about the forthcoming project and the origin of the title New Growth. “The title is inspired by the simple visual of something beautiful coming from something when you would think it is dying. A new beginning or awakening in a sense,” he expressed, tying it in to the veritable rebirth of his recording career. “I understand that my purpose is to create sanctuary through my vulnerability and through my gifts.”

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His first LP since his 2017 effort Bartholomew, Boykins has gifted old fans with five pieces of music in the lead-up to New Growth and gained a new generation of followers in the process. The project features the singles “No Love Without You,” “Kind And Nasty,” “No P***y For Losers,” “Honestly, I’m A Threat” and “Go With The Feeling.” Each song is unique and has its own sound and vibe, showing the range of Jesse’s influences and talents.

“I explore a lot of different sounds and soundscapes and I try to explore a lot of different ways of communicating my emotions. I went to school for jazz, so I explore a lot of different genres of music,” Jesse shared in another recent interview with Uproxx that focused on his fashion and style philosophy but also gave some insight into his approach to creating. “I’m open to hybridizing and blending things, mixing and matching elements together, and making things that might not seem like they’re going to make sense, make sense.”

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New Growth’s tracklist and guestlist are still under wraps, but Jesse Boykins III hasn’t missed with any of the singles, so go ahead and pre-save/pre-add the album on your choice of digital music platforms now.

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