Raiche Tunes Into Some Real Talk With ‘Late Show’

Photo Credit: Raiche/YouTube

Rising singer-songwriter Raiche has had our attention for quite some time and snatched our focus again with her single “Big Daddy” a few weeks ago. That song spelled out her requirements for a potential lover over a sensual groove. She’s now flipped the script, however, as she shows just how cold her shoulder can be with her newest single “Late Show.”

“Late Show” has nothing to do with any of the late-night shows on TV or late-night movie screenings at your local theater. Instead, the song focuses on Raiche setting a lover straight when they try to come shuffling back into her life. The song utilizes an antique-sounding loop paired with the modern bump of kick drums and ticking hi-hats. The clash in sounds creates a unique mix that frames the kiss-off track perfectly.

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“You wanna get back / You want it bad / You wanna act right / Too late for that / You had a good thing / Can’t get it back, back, back,” she sings with certainty on the song’s chorus. Meanwhile, she makes it very plain on the song’s second verse, telling her ex-boo that their love is “toe tag in a body bag” dead and she’s truly moved on from whatever their affair was.

In the song’s visualizer, Raiche becomes a cover girl as she poses it up in front of a blue backdrop while the camera flashes to capture her glamorous look. The beauty rocks finger waves for days and braids alongside a frilly pink number that contrasts gorgeously with the set. The pretty-in-pink look juxtaposed with the song’s ice-cold lyrics make it an enthralling watch, for sure.

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We’re loving this back-to-back newness from Raiche and hope that it signifies that her heavily anticipated debut album will be arriving soon. In the meantime, don’t be late to what the up-and-comer has to offer. Check out the stream of “Late Show” and its visualizer when you head below.

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