Mayer Hawthorne Is Ready To Return To Love With ‘For All Time’

Photo Credit: Mayer Hawthorne/Facebook

Like most of us during the height of the pandemic, Mayer Hawthorne took a hiatus from the spotlight in order to focus on more important things. Those things included getting married and, apparently, working on more music at his own pace. He showed us some of the fruits of that work earlier this summer with the funky, ’60s-inspired sounds of “The Pool.” Now he’s announced that he’ll be releasing his latest full-length album For All Time this October and dropped its title track for our enjoyment.

With the latest developments in his personal life, “For All Time” is exactly what we’d expect from Hawthorne. The song is an ode to an enduring love that will never fade. The self-produced track keeps with the throwback feel he’s come to be known for — with guitar, horns, piano and drums molded to sound like a love ballad straight out of 1975.

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He keeps up the sentimental feeling with signature heartfelt lyrics that would make anyone swoon. “Ooh, day after day / I sat alone and wondered if you’d / Ever come my way,” he sings on the opening verse. “Ooh, now that you’re here / I’ll put it on my mama that you’ll / Never have to fear, my dear.” He then announces that his love will last through all seasons before making the promise that “this love will last for all time.”

For All Time the album looks to be all about love, as well. The description of the upcoming project on Mayer’s website sums it up quite nicely, saying that the singer-songwriter “delves deep into the depths of the human heart, exploring the complexities of love and the raw emotions that accompany it.” Looks like we’re in for quite the experience when the album is released on October 27th.

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Get into your feelings with the latest from Mayer Hawthorne when you press play below. While you’re here, keep scrolling to view For All Time’s cover art and tracklist.

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Photo Credit: P&L Records

Mayer Hawthorne For All Time tracklist:

1. Hawthorne Rides Again
2. Without You
3. Physical Touch
4. For All Time
5. Cream Interior
6. The Pool
7. Deeper Vibrations
8. Tell Me
9. Sweet Temptation Woman
10. Deuce And A Quarter
11. On The Floor
12. Standby
13. Bonus Track: Eyes Of Love

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