Susan Carol Wants To Reclaim Her Time On ‘CIHMTB?’

Photo Credit: Alvin Allure

One of the most valuable commodities we have is our time. It’s something that we can’t get back, so there’s nothing like someone wasting it. Vocalist Susan Carol has a message for a person who thought it was cute to waste her precious time, though. The singer-songwriter doesn’t mince words on her brand-new single “CIHMTB?”.

Big Su is hotter than fish grease on “CIHMTB?” but you wouldn’t know it from the sweetness of her vocals. Instead of losing her cool and screaming like “Caught Out There” era Kelis, Carol keeps calm, singing in her distinctive, laid-back tone.

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“You said you wouldn’t act like that, but you still did it / You promised you’d be good to me, but that was bulls**t / ’Cause I went broke buying your dreams / Energetic bankruptcy,” Susan sings to her deceitful ex on the first verse. She asks them the million-dollar question and reveals the meaning of the acronym in the song title on the chorus. “Can I have my time back? / Can I have it back? / I just want my motherf**king time back,” she sings, both polite and pissed off because she already knows the answer.

Clocking in at just 1:33 in length, “CIHMTB?” is a relatable read in a short but sweet package. Spend a little time listening to Susan Carol try to reclaim hers when you listen to the song and watch her in its brief visualizer below.

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