Berhana Releases New Single ‘Gone (Abebe Bikila)’ & Announces New Album

Photo Credit: Girma Berta

We were wondering if Berhana had a new project up his sleeve when he released his single “Sundays” back in December. It turns out that our suspicions were correct, as the performer is readying his new album Amén: የዘላን ህልም (or Amén: A Nomad’s Dream) for release this fall. But before that arrives, he’s leading things off with his new single “Gone (Abebe Bikila).”

“Gone (Abebe Bikila)” points us in the sonic direction Berhana is going in for this go ’round. He taps into his Ethiopian roots to combine Ethio-jazz with his usual mix of hip-hop, R&B and jazz to create a laid-back melody that rides on a looped guitar riff and the click and thump of drums. As the beat thumps, he sings of drinking away heartache while also referencing famed Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila.

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He sings of his woes on the verses while knocking back drinks, eventually leading us to the song's catchy chorus. "Gone off the goose / Gone off tequila / Abebe Bikila, I lost both my shoes," he monotones. "Talked with my dudes, they say I can't read her / Say I don't need her, but nobody do."

He further illustrates this feeling in the song’s video, which finds him sitting at a table while getting hammered and playing cards with friends. The camera spins around, giving us the feeling of having one too many drinks over the course of a long night. Eventually, the drinks hit everyone and they fall back on the floor. Don’t worry, though, as Berhana eventually makes it to his feet and to the dance floor to dance his cares away before the video fades to black.

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“Gone (Abebe Bikila)” is one of 12 songs that will feature on Amén: የዘላን ህልም when it’s released this fall. Stream the song and watch its video when you press play below. Then stick around to watch the project’s trailer as we prepare for what Berhana has in store.

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