Berhana Looks Toward The Past & The Future On 'Sundays'

Photo Credit: Will Azcona

It's been a while since we heard from Berhana. The singer/rapper dropped his debut album HAN — which included undisputed jams "Health Food," "Lucky Strike," "Golden" and others — back in late 2019. Sadly, as for most things during that period, the album's promotion cycle was cut short by the pandemic. Berhana hasn't forsaken us tho,ugh, as he's offering his first new single in three years with his latest cut "Sundays."

"Sundays" is meant to act as a bridge between HAN and what he's got coming next and, though it's less than two minutes long, it seems to do that quite well. The song's sound is somewhere between the retro lean of the previous set and a new edge to his sound that threatens to break through the almost-tranquility that the easygoing groove creates.

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Over the soft chords and heavy-hitting drums, he sings in his usual stream-of-consciousness style, pinging from his own worries to his infatuation with a girl that has caught his eye. He then leads us down the path of his love for her growing more and more before the song expands into space and then contracts into a tight, slowed-down groove before it abruptly ends.

Upon the song's release, Berhana took to Instagram to explain where the song stands among his discography, writing, "these past three years have been transformative. this song isn’t on the album but feels like a connecting piece. with the new year comes new life. excited for what’s next. love to everyone." Besides that sly confirmation that a new album is in the works, a later post also hinted that he might have more coming our way soon.

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Seeing as we couldn't get enough of HAN, we're sure we'll be first in line whenever he wants to drop some newness in our laps. Until then, check out the short-but-sweet "Sundays" when you listen to the stream and watch its simple visualizer below.

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