Misha & Debórah Bond Daydream About ‘A Night In Rio Pt. 2’

Photo Credit: Misha/Instagram

There have been countless songs written about the magic of Rio de Janeiro. Whether it’s an ode to a romantic rendezvous or a lively melody capturing the vibrance of the iconic Brazilian city, it seems those who’ve visited will always harbor a piece of it in their heart. Finland-based producer Misha captures that feel on his latest single “A Night In Rio Pt. 2.” Misha teamed up with fellow Finnish composer/pianist Jussi Halme, Soul Food Horns collective and SoulBounce fam Debórah Bond for part two of his take on romance sparked by a Brazilian flame. 

Whereas the original “A Night In Rio” served soothing instrumental vibes punctuated with spirited horns, the sequel kicks things up a notch. Ms. Bond’s rousing vocals relentlessly ride the groove, sending the listener straight to the Marvelous City.

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Debórah recounts fond memories of a dance floor love story cut short. “All I do is daydream that one night with you / Nothing else to do but sing a simple song / All I do is daydream when we’ll meet again / A very special friend, hope it won’t be too long,” she sings about the one who sees in her dreams.

Get lost in your own daydream when you listen to Misha’s “A Night In Rio Pt. 2” featuring Debórah Bond, Jussi Halme and Soul Food Horns below. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Misha’s solo debut LP Nocturnal, which was released last fall. SoulBouncers in the DMV can catch Debórah live alongside Zo! and Tall Black Guy as part of the Abstractions Tour on Sunday, May 21st at Washington, D.C. ‘s Pearl Street Warehouse.

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