LION BABE Has Been ‘Thinkin Bout You’ With A ’90s House-Inspired Frank Ocean Cover

Photo Credit: Lion Babe/Facebook

LION BABE has been on a house kick as of late. It seemed to all start with the remixes from their last album Rainbow Child. Since then, they’ve hit us with their straight-up jams “Harder,” “YaYa” and the out-of-left-field cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s classic “Bonita Applebum.” They continue to keep the tradition alive with their imaginative take on Frank Ocean’s alt-R&B classic “Thinkin Bout You.”

The duo takes the cut to the house, but not in the way you’re thinking. Instead of interpreting it into the sound of today, they go back in time to 1990s raves, infusing the song with a heavy dose of melodic synths, heart-racing drums and enough builds and beat drops to make it feel like you’re on a musical rollercoaster.

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The heart of it all, of course, is singer Jillian Hervey’s vocal. She does a pretty straightforward interpretation of the lyrics as she talks about the tornado of emotions she’s going through with her lost love on her mind. The song isn’t something one would think would lend itself to the sounds of rave culture, but this take sparkles and shines just like the group’s other inventive switch-ups.

“‘Thinkin Bout You’ by Frank Ocean is a record that brings us back to a time when we first started to make music together,” the group said in a press release. “When it came out, we were just beginning to form LION BABE. As we’ve reached milestones in our lives and careers, it is natural that our artistry is transforming as well. We have a new sound, groove and sonic pallet while still keeping our roots intact. This record is a taste of our next music chapter, The House Of LION BABE.”

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Looks like LION BABE intends to keep us dancing. While we wait on details on their new direction and new album, bust out those neon-colored looks, bug-eyed shades and glow sticks and get ready to dance to “Thinkin Bout You” below.

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