CAMP Is Back To Share His 'Lucid' Thoughts

Photo Credit: Designs By Vido

Rebranding may have been just what the doctor ordered for singer-songwriter CAMP. Since returning to the scene in 2021, the Bounce-Worthy artist formerly known as Aaron Camper seems to be on a creative roll. After dropping the singles “Heavy” and “Issues,” he followed it up with Process, his first album since 2018. Showing there’s more where that came from, he surprised fans by dropping a three-song EP Lucid along with videos for the project’s title track and its follow-up.

“Lucid” finds CAMP singing over a driving drum-and-bass-fueled track from his regular collaborators, producers Anikan & Vader and Kenneth "NSFR" Wright who collectively co-produced all the tracks on this EP. The video is simple enough, featuring CAMP standing alone at a mic as he sings with nothing but his swag and his inches on full display. Between his eyes, as he looks dead in the camera, and the driving beat, “Lucid” feels damned near hypnotic as CAMP promises one helluva good time. “Take ya time with me / It ain’t no rushing / Whatever you need we can discuss it / Then seal the agreement with some lovin,” he sings.

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He then follows it up with “Addicted” where he wonders what he would do without his lady love. Again, the video finds him all alone, except now that blowout has been neatly cornrowed as he paces around a colorful room. The mid-tempo beat plays the background perfectly as CAMP puts his pride aside to let it be known how he feels and that he has no intentions of going anywhere.

He wraps the EP up on a slower note with the achy, “2:22am.” Proving that he ain’t too proud to admit his faults, the haunting track finds him professing his intentions of staying put, even when the going gets tough. “Heaven’s what you make it / Hell’s what you gotta go through / You say that you’ll do anything / Well, I’m doing the same for you,” he promises.

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With just under 10 minutes of playing time, CAMP is doing his part to keep his fans wanting more. Though it’s uncertain if Lucid is a precursor to a longer project, it does just enough to keep his name on the tips of our tongues. Just like his latest incarnation, CAMP is sure to deliver more when we least expect it. Until then, get into the latest from this talented artist below. 

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