Mariah. Doesn't Like Anyone All Up In Her 'Bizness'

Photo Credit: Mariah./Instagram

Singer-songwriter Mariah. spells her name with a period to alleviate any confusion with other artists with the same name and because she's about her business. Period. After making some noise last year with her debut single “Material Girl,” the Shreveport, Louisiana native is back with something new for the summer with her new single “Bizness.”

Mariah. sings directly to a past lover who's been blowing up her phone and snooping on social media that he needs to leave her alone on “Bizness.” In the first verse, she demands that he stop sweating her. "Texting all night long / You won’t leave me alone / Told you I was through / But you can’t get the clue / Why are you this way? / Stuck to me like glue / This ain’t nothing new / I thought I told you," she sweetly sings despite her frustration level being on 10. 

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Written by Mariah., "Bizness" has a catchy chorus and extremely relatable subject matter. She delivers her biting lyrics with a smooth vocal over a midtempo, very '80s R&B-sounding electronic groove produced by Michael Gardner with synthesizers, electric guitar and Auto-Tuned background vocals.  

“'Bizness' is written from the perspective of someone who’s fed up," Mariah. shared about her motivation for writing the song via press release. "I’m sure we’ve all experienced an individual who is ‘all up in our business.’ This song serves as an invitation to exit!" And that's on period!

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Mariah. brings a breath of fresh air to the R&B scene as she takes us back in time musically, delivers a sharp pen lyrically and keeps it a buck while doing it all easily. Let Mariah. give you the “Bizness” when you press play below. 

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