Morris Day & Big Daddy Kane Prove They've Still Got The Juice In 'Grown Man'

Photo Credit: Morris Day/YouTube

Morris Day is a funk legend thanks to his 1980s heyday, and he's been carrying the torch for his signature sound ever since. He's also become associated with the suave ladies man image that he's carefully curated as the frontman from The Time. He carried that persona into the modern day when he dropped his Big Daddy Kane-featuring single "Grown Man" at the end of last year. Now he's showing and proving with the release of the song's music video.

The clip takes us to the club, where Morris is spitting his slickest game to a beautiful young woman as the rest of the crowd steps to the song's groove. He spends the whole video showing just how differently he does things from current day guys. Not only is he showing off just how flashy he dresses (you've never seen so many ascots in one video), but he's also putting his riches on display as he flashes cards and throws money like it ain't a thing.

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Big Daddy Kane shows up halfway in to make things even smoother as he spits his lines in pimp-tastic threads as Morris takes a break from the camera. He doesn't stay away for long, though, as the chorus comes back in and he ad-libs while giving us some of the Morris-isms that we've come to know and love.

It might've taken a little longer than we anticipated to get it, but the video for "Grown Man" definitely delivers. Watch Morris Day and Big Daddy Kane in action in the video when you press play.

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