Ego Ella May Gets Candid & Vulnerable On 'Miss U'

Photo Credit: Ego Ella May/Instagram

Ego Ella May has never been afraid to get deeply personal and she did just that on her recent EP FIELDNOTES PT II. Since that project's release in March, the singer-songwriter has been contributing her talents to collaborations with fellow artists and contributions to compilations (like her recent cover of "The Morning Side Of Love" for Blue Note Re:imagined II). She's adding to that list with "Miss U," her contribution to Touching Bass' upcoming compilation album Touching Bass Presents: Soon Come.

"Miss U" is a collaboration between Ego and producer Doug Stuart, with the producer providing her a smooth, neo-soul-esque groove that sways with a sense of longing. The songstress utilizes the groove to spin her own tale of heartbreak and how she's feeling post-breakup.

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"I miss you / I miss your eyes how they twinkle," she sings as she waxes sentimental. "I didn't wanna say it / 'Cause I'm supposed to be over you now / And someone's supposed to be riding me out / But I miss you." She gets even deeper into her feelings throughout the song, even going so far as to speak on the therapy she's receiving in order to sort through her thoughts.

Ego Ella May and her unflinching approach to introspective songwriting is one of the best things to happen in music, and "Miss U" is another example of that. It's just one of the 22 songs that will be included on Touching Bass Presents: Soon Come — which also includes contributions from Black Spade, 10.4 ROG and others — when the set arrives on July 1st. Pre-order the album right now on Bandcamp ahead of its release, and listen to "Miss U" when you press play below.

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