Ego Ella May Shares Her Relationship Reflections On ‘FIELDNOTES PT II’

Photo Credit: Ego Ella May/Instagram

As we continue to celebrate women and all our glory this month (and beyond), singer-songwriter Ego Ella May joined in the fun with the release of a brand-new collection of music. Appropriately released on International Women’s Day, her EP FIELDNOTES PT II picks up where the first installment left off, delivering a brilliant depiction of the beauty and complexities of life.

Though the mood and lyrics might be a bit triggering to some, listeners are happy to accompany the South London songbird as she rides the waves of love and loss. She explains, “I wrote part two of this project about my observations on my cycles of love. The songs are in order of how things seem to go for me.”

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The journey begins with the vibrant opener “Beautiful Days.” She’s full of hope and optimism as she declares, “Well, beautiful days lie ahead, it seems / I affirm that life, I affirm that dream.” Continuing along with the imagery of the proverbial dating streets, she wastes no time informing a potential suitor of the best way to reach her.

On the highly relatable, antisocial anthem “Introvert Hotline,” she draws her line in the sand when it comes to texting versus telephone calls. Despite her stubbornness, it seems the pair are still able to progress to the next level.

“Centred” sees her dropping her guard and allowing her beau completely into her space. Her tone overflows with glee as she sings, “I’m building all my dreams around you, my happiness will never cease / But nothing’s any good without you ‘cause baby you’re my centerpiece.”

Unfortunately, Ego’s bliss is short-lived, as she transitions into a remorseful, repetitive loop on “Why?” asking, “Why do I always seem to make the same mistakes? Thinking you could care for me.” The project ends with the previously released track “for the both of us,” wrapping up the love story in a touching and tragic bow.

Ego Ella May taps into a range of feelings and emotions on FIELDNOTES PT II, which anyone who’s experienced the rush of love and stab of heartbreak will be able to relate to. Listen to the EP below.

Ego Ella May FIELDNOTES PT II [Amazon][Apple Music][Bandcamp][Tidal]

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