ELHAE Channels Joe For 'Know' & Takes His Show To 'COLORS'

Photo Credit: COLORS Studio/Twitter

ELHAE hasn't slowed down since releasing his last album Aura III last year. He's collaborated on songs with PRICE and Asiahn, supported Big K.R.I.T.'s Digital Roses Tour and released the single "FYF" in the first half of 2022, and he's not done. For his latest musical feat, the artist digs in the '90s R&B crates to find inspiration for his new single "Know."

"Know" borrows not only its title from R&B crooner Joe's 1999 hit "I Wanna Know," but ELHAE interpolates the melody and a lyric from the classic love song. Much like Joe, ELHAE wants his lady to tell him all her wants, needs and desires, and he's all too happy to provide. "I wanna know / Everything that you love, everything that you want, baby / I wanna know / Everything that you need, you just gotta believe, baby," he sings from the heart on the chorus.

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Producer Eric Hudson uses the melody of "I Wanna Know" as the foundation for "Know" and builds on it with bass, rhythm guitar, a steady drum beat and a thumping kick drum that can rattle speakers. ELHAE's vocals glide over the instrumentation as smoothly as the sweet promises he makes.

In addition to dropping his new single, ELHAE slid through COLORS for the debut live performance of the track in a special Black Music Month collaboration between the worldwide music platform and the legendary Motown Records label. With his mic turned all the way on, he made light work of the song with studio-quality live vocals. Color us impressed.

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Between his singles "Know," "FYF" and last November's "FOMO," we speculate that ELHAE is getting us prepped for a new album. While we wait to see if our suspicions are true and we get a summer drop from his direction, get to "Know" ELHAE a little better below when you listen to the single, tap into the tranquil and artistic visualizer and watch him take over COLORS.

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