Kreion Shows She's Not The Type Of Girl You Keep Waiting With 'Patience'

Photo Credit: Kreion/Instagram

The arrival of Daylight Saving Time in the United States means spring is about to be sprung upon us. While most are looking forward to the brighter days ahead, we at SBHQ are looking forward to the bright and sunny jams that are sure to come our way with the season. Kicking things off a little early is singer-songwriter Kreion, who hits us with her new cut "Patience."

"Patience" shows Kreion getting very direct about her desires. You see, whatever Kreion wants, Kreion gets. And today, it seems that she has her eyes set on you. That being said, you shouldn't keep her waiting long. "Don't keep me waiting / I'm losing patience / So right, it can't be wrong," she sings over the gossamer synths of the song's chorus.

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The '80s-reminscent groove also finds the singer calling out her lover for their selfish ways, noting that now that they see she's got others waiting in the wings, they want to get in their feelings. She does this while also listing just a few of the reasons why she's the one that he wants, with "good sex, no stress, big checks" being at the top.

Kreion is also giving us looks with the song's video. In the clip, she parks near a beautiful body of water as she shows of her beautiful body in classy and sassy 'fits that look absolutely amazing on her. All the while, she delivers boss chick attitude while giving good face, further proving why you don't want to dally when she calls your name.

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It's been a while since we heard from Kreion on the solo tip, but the singer proves that very good things cone to those who have patience. Speaking of which, check out both a stream of her latest and its music video below.

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