Shaun Ross & Amber Mark Give Us A Love That Transcends Boundaries On 'UNISEX'

Photo Credit: Craves

Following the release of his debut album SHIFT last year, musician and world-renowned model Shaun Ross marks his return with a crazy sexy cool new single “UNISEX.” The New York-native teams up with songbird Amber Mark, herself fresh from the release of her album Three Dimensions Deep, for the decadent and dark track.

Shaun shared a video of the "UNISEX" recording session with Amber on Instagram and stated that the song was inspired by the 2008 film Hancock. Despite its vigilante superhero lead character, Ross described the movie as, “a film about two ethereal lovers that created a love so strong that not only was it out of this world but also catastrophic. They haven’t realized they were in love for centuries doing the same dance time after time.”

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That transcendent theme comes through on "UNISEX" when the duo unites on the chorus. They take turns singing the lyrics, "Cause you and I / Cause a destruction / Let worlds collide / Won’t give up on your loving / Cause I see the beautiful disaster that is you and me," sounding like lovers who want all the smoke and the fire.

As both this latest offering and the love it describes defy and transcend description, it's only right that the track would provide the soundtrack for a product equally as boundless. "UNISEX" was selected to help showcase the new Christian Louboutin Chelsea Stage ankle boot and the pairing couldn’t be more perfect. Noting that the luxury brand’s new line “caters to all walks of life,” Shaun says it also serves as a reminder for us all to “stand tall in every occasion.” 

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Listen to Shaun Ross and Amber Mark's worlds collide on “UNISEX” below. Add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform, and, if you haven’t already done so, spend some time with Shaun's debut project SHIFT, which features legendary Philly-bred spoken word artist Ursula Rucker and Rush Davis

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