Russell Taylor Has A Sweet Yet Dangerous Vice On 'Cherry'

Photo Credit: Mikael Aaron

Russell Taylor is a name featured often on the pages of SoulBounce thanks to his songwriting skill and vocal talent. The singer-songwriter has big plans for 2022, with an as-yet-untitled new album in the works set to drop sometime this year. To get us in the mood for what's to come, Russell has released his sexy new single "Cherry."

Russell collaborates with producers B. Fischer and Will Boston on the song, and the creators come together to make something different from what we've come to expect. The music has an undeniable pop feel while weaving in a mysterious and seductive vibe thanks to the juxtaposition of quiet piano chords, crashing drums and the addition of horns on the chorus.

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Meanwhile, Russell tells the story of a love that tastes oh-so-sweet but might just be the thing that does him in. "Indecision is your vice / I can taste it on your lips / That sweet cherry red," he sings. "Tell me to stay away / You're dangerous at play / And quick to turn and run / Leave me with a loaded gun." Despite the apparent danger, he can't seem to get enough, singing on the chorus, "My cherry / Sweet cherry red / I can taste it on your kiss / That poison on your lips."

"We have all had that special kind of 'love' that is no good for us; but we keep going back because it feels so damn good. Team 'make it sweet and make it hurt!' Cherry is for us, it's our anthem!" Russell Taylor said in a statement about the song.

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Does "Cherry" hurt so good? We'll let you be the judge when you press play.

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