Lion Babe Welcome Their First Child

Photo Credit: Delphine Diallo

Lion Babe are the proud parents of a "lion baby." No, that's not the title of a new song from the pair who gave us the stellar album Radiant Child in 2021. Instead, the duo actually ended the year with the birth of their child, a son named Sunny Rise Goodman.

Yes, you read that right. It turns out that LB members Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman (aka Astro Raw) aren't just partners on stage but in real life. The couple kept their personal relationship private and out of the public eye for years and even concealed Jillian's nine-month pregnancy for the entire Rainbow Child album cycle.

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That's all changed now, however, with the announcement of their son's birth. They welcomed Sunny on December 28th and revealed their big news exactly a month later on January 28th on social media and in an exclusive online feature in ESSENCE.

"Our personal journey up until this point has always been private and sacred. We have always chosen for our music and art to tell our story," Lion Babe shared via their socials about the reason they kept their love on the low. "But, we couldn’t enter this new chapter without sharing our excitement and love for our baby without you, our support and community. We are so honored to guide our sweet Sunny Rise Goodman through the world and embody these new roles."

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Sunny Rise is the first child for both Jillian and Lucas and Jillian's mother Vanessa Williams' first grandchild.

As huge fans and supporters of Lion Babe, we wish the happy couple and new parents well as they write this new chapter of their story.

Photo Credit: Courtney Harvier

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