Get Ready For A Dramatic Trip Back To 'Bel-Air' This February

Photo Credit: Will Smith/YouTube

Most of us have fond memories of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, the '90s sitcom that made Will Smith a household name and introduced us to the Banks family as they took him into their ritzy Southern California home. It was only a matter of time before the latest reboot craze brought the beloved show back to life, only this time the show is morphing into what looks to be an intense drama if the newly released trailer is to be believed.

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The trailer goes over the story beats that we've come to know from the original series. We see main character Will in his born-and-raised home of West Philadelphia and the trouble that set him in motion to move to Bel-Air. This time, however, things take a slightly darker turn as the stakes are much more dire. We also get a more serious tone for life in Bel-Air as well, with the scenes in the extravagant mansion and Will adjusting to California life giving us a Black version of The O.C. Don't worry, though, we still get glimpses of the comedic elements that made The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air so endearing in the first place.

The show — which stars newcomer Jabari Banks as Will alongside Adrian Holmes, Coco JonesCassandra FreemanOlly SholotanAkira AkbarJimmy AkingbolaJordan L. Jones and Simone Joy Jones — is set to arrive on NBC's Peacock streaming service on February 13th after the Super Bowl. Get ready to go back to Bel-Air when you take a peek at the trailer below.

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