Joss Stone Channels Gospel With 'Walk With Me'

2020 is ending with a good amount of change for songstress Joss Stone. Perhaps the biggest is that the singer announced her first pregnancy in October. The singer has also been affected by all the turmoil that this year has brought with it, from social justice protests to coming together to fight a deadly pandemic. She reflects on all this with the release of her new single "Walk With Me."

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"Walk With Me" shows a departure in sound for Joss. The singer has always treaded in soul and R&B waters, but she goes further this time around by tapping into the sound of gospel. Organ and piano provide the melody here and she enlists the Legato Vocal Ensemble to be her choir to help spread a message of love and unity. "Walk with me / Through every fire in the land / Walk with me / The time of love is close at hand," she sings on the track. "Let's come together / United we stand / Side by side / Step by step / Walk with me."

The song's meaning is further conveyed by its lyric video, which finds the lyrics and Joss displayed along newspaper headlines highlighting the many stories of people working to better this world. "The song started out as a romantic song asking someone to walk through life with you, kind of like a wedding song if you will," she said in a press release. "When we got to working on it so much had happened that I couldn’t take my mind off. With the pandemic and what happened with George Floyd that unfortunately sparked so much violence it got me thinking that the problem is mostly with the us and them attitude. That is the biggest killer - separation and judgment. Everyone needs to come together in order to survive this life in peace. Without togetherness nothing is OK."

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We hear the message of Joss Stone loud and clear on the song and in its lyric video. Perhaps they'll touch your heart as well when you check them out below.

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