Charlie Wilson & Smokey Robinson Are Hopelessly Devoted In ‘All Of My Love’

What’s better than one living legend on a track? Well, two, of course, which was the magic number when Charlie Wilson invited Smokey Robinson to join him for the duet “All Of My Love.”

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Uncle Charlie once again has love on his mind on this new single, and he isn’t afraid to let his lady and the world know. The song actually begins with a third artist, GRAMMY Award-winner Mr. Talkbox, who introduces Uncle Charlie and sticks around to add his talkbox flair and computerized vocal flourishes to the background throughout the song. Wilson starts early with the sweet talk, singing on the first verse, “Maybe it’s the way you look into my eyes / That drives me so crazy and gives me butterflies.” Smokey kicks some game of his own on the second verse. “Lady, I’m daydreaming and if you wonder why / Just look in the mirror, it should be no surprise,” he smoothly croons. It’s the chorus for us, though, that really has us swooning as they sing, “If all of my love just ain’t enough / Then take all my heart, my soul, my money, my gold / Whatever you want, oh.” These zaddies did not come to play and mean every word they say.

In conjunction with the single, Wilson and Robinson released a music video for “All Of My Love,” which they both star in. The dapper duet partners are suited and booted in the clip – with Uncle Charlie rocking a red pinstriped tuxedo jacket in his solo scenes and Uncle Smokey dressed in a green suit jacket in his before they take the stage together in matching white and black tuxedos. They are cleaner than clean and sound smoother than smooth as they serenade a loving couple.

Charlie Wilson and Smokey Robinson’s “All Of My Love” is the collaboration we didn’t know that our lives were missing. Now that it’s here, we hope that their first time working together isn’t their last.

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