Mayer Hawthorne Has A Magical ‘M.O.’

We know we keep saying this, but it must be said again: Mayer Hawthorne has been prolific AF as of late. Even if we don’t count his recent output with Tuxedo, the man has been cranking out singles at a steady pace since last summer, with each one also getting its own video. His latest single, “M.O.,” is no exception. The track now has a visual that fits in line with the quirky feel his others have had thus far.

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This time Mayer plays magician’s assistant to a female magician whose tricks get a bit sadistic. In one trick, she seemingly cuts his head off with a mini guillotine. For another, she places him in a box and then runs him through with swords. While this is typical magic show fodder, the tricks seem to be pretty real, especially when we see blood staining Mayer’s crisp white shirt. What exactly is going on here? Well, that’s not clearly explained. It does appear, however, that Mayer doesn’t seem to want to be free of whatever it is.

We’re still not sure what the singer-songwriter’s M.O. is when it comes to his releases, either. Is he content with only releasing singles from now on? Do the singles mean an album is on the way? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what Mayer Hawthorne will do next. Until then, sit back, relax and the enjoy the twisted magic show in “M.O.”

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