Bounce-Worthy: Isabelle Brown

Singer/songwriter Isabelle Brown is all set to take the music world by storm. Her seamless blend of rich and soulful vocals, thoughtful lyrics and infectious energy will make any true music lover an instant fan. Consider the fact that she’s just 15 years old and both her peers and her predecessors can’t help but give her her props. Having written her first love song at the tender age of seven, the Brighton, England beauty is a musical prodigy and she’s just getting started.

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After recently signing to New York-based independent record label True Panther Sounds, Isabelle marks her melodious footprint with the release of her new single, “Places.” Her contemporary take on a sound reminiscent of a few soul and funk music legends is refreshing to those in search of today’s answer to “grown folks music.” She says, "'Places' is about a place you can go where you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. You can be yourself and be loved and accepted. When people hear it I’d love it if they got an overwhelming feeling of warmth and happiness, but that’s a bit of a reach so as long as they think the tune is decent then that’s alright with me.” Similar to the vibe of her generation, her statement gives hints about a person who is excited to share her gift but is also unbothered by those who may not get it. Not only does her latest single exude the jubilant energy she sought, but she’s also got us eager to hear more.

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