Tawiah Gets Personal On New EP 'Recreate'

In the intro for her newest project Recreate, South London singer-songwriter Tawiah ponders "Who on earth have I become?" before taking listeners on a sonic exploration of lessons learned along her personal journey. This brief but immersive collection is a gift in that it reintroduces us to an artist more sure of herself while inviting us to do some soul-searching of our own.

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After inspiring us to hold our heads high and embrace our regal brilliance with "Queens," she displays both vulnerability and bravery with "Don't Hold Your Breath." The downtempo cut is a sweeping tune with acoustic guitar, militant beats and breathtaking strings courtesy of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Tawiah's smooth vocals are both calm and fierce as she warns, "Don't you wait 'til I get over you to tell me how you feel and tell me what is real."

Perhaps the most transparent piece in the set, "Falling Short" details a relationship that caused her to doubt her self-worth as she went from feeling "so in love" to questioning "Is this life?". Emerging from the pain she resolves, "Never, ever will I second guess myself." With warmth of tone and a feeling of weightlessness, "Move With Me" displays a woman restored, ready to embrace whatever comes next.

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There's a clear musical kinship between the singer and frequent collaborator Sam Beste, who served as the album's producer. Given the themes woven throughout the album, Recreate could've easily been an unapologetically loud affair. Yet, Beste and Tawiah opt for a more subtle approach and the restraint never leaves us feeling cheated. Instead, the layered harmonies and low-slung beats imbue the project with an intimacy that breeds comfort and satisfaction. We can only hope that we won't have to wait another four years for the follow-up. Purchase Recreate on Bandcamp or iTunes and connect with the singer on Twitter, Instagram and her official website.

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