Snoh Aalegra Shares Her Precious ‘Time’

Snoh Aalegra

If you were one of the millions who listened to Drake‘s More Life over the weekend, you were treated to an early preview you didn’t even know you were getting. Those are Snoh Aalegra‘s sped-up vocals that you’re hearing on the playlist closer “Do Not Disturb.” However, while Drizzy sampled her song “Time” to rap about his player ways, trials and tribulations, Snoh’s song is much, much deeper and sentimental than that. Perhaps to showcase that, as well as get us even more ready for next month’s Feels, Snoh has released the deeply personal record for all to hear.

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“Time” utilizes a simple piano melody played on the Rhodes, allowing the emotion to pour from Snoh’s vocal with little distraction. She takes advantage of this from the beginning, reaching deep down into her spirit to deliver a naked, raw and heartfelt dedication to her late father, who passed in 2009. “Memories fading, I try to hold on / When I don’t know where I belong / No more,” she sings. “The sound of your voice was my all, was my home / But these walls, they can’t hear you no more / No more.” The touching chorus finds her wishing that “time never mattered,” as she longs for another moment with her father and searches for comfort while struggling to hold on to his memory.

Snoh Aalegra has had our ear for quite some time, and this latest listen from Feels (as well as the title track and slow-burner “Nothing Burns Like The Cold”) has us ready to hear what else she has in store. Give “Time” a spin for yourself right here.

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